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Positions Available:


Wordpress CMS

WordPress Design & Development Specialist

We are seeking talented designers and developers with specialized skills in the open-source web software WordPress. We are open to partnering and working with independent individuals on a contractual basis to develop solutions for both our US and Barbados office locations. Please email us at for more details.


Technical & Customer Support Representative

We are looking for people who want a career in customer service & technical support and who want to be the best in the web hosting industry. We currently have openings on day, and night shifts both in our US and Barbados office locations. Please email us at for more details.


Benefits of working with us

There are many benefits to working at DGIT WebSpace. If job security and a career are what you are seeking, you may need to look no further. With the rapid growth we have recently experienced, we are searching for qualified candidates to share our many benefits with.

At DGIT, we believe that by providing employees with an environment that they want to work in, the customer support they provide will be at their best. We have a relaxed work environment that encourages the exchange of new ideas and team work. Each employee at DGIT is valued for their unique set of skills, experiences and perspectives brought to work each day. We are a company with employees who share a wealth of knowledge with fellow coworkers. It is those employees we have to thank for DGIT WebSpace being where it is now.

Please email us at for more details.

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